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CIBSE Training

Published on: 11 Jun 2018

CIBSE Training

CIBSE Training offers a wide variety of building services courses from introductory to more advanced levels, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of energy assessor training courses for those wanting to become recognised energy performance specialists and assessors. Over 60 training courses are currently available covering the following topics:

  • Mechanical services
  • Energy assessor training
  • Electrical services
  • Digital engineering
  • Facilities Management
  • Fire safety
  • Lighting
  • Water and public health
  • Project management courses

Training courses take place across the UK, and a full list of courses is available at:

Training delivered to you
All courses are also available in-house, where the trainer will come to your workplace and train a number of staff at the same time. This is a cost effective way to get training delivered to six staff or over, and allows employers the flexibility to find a date which suits them.

If you are interested in finding out more about in-house training and would like to receive a quote email

Online learning
CIBSE Training has 13 engineering courses available to access online. Each course includes seven hours of CPD training. The courses include interactive content with quizzes and additional resources, helping support your learning and further development.

Online learning offers the benefit of the flexibility to fit the training around your time and work commitments, and you can complete the module at your convenience over a number of days or even weeks.

As well as the 13 Core Engineering modules there are also Digital Engineering (Basics of BIM) modules, and Soft Skills modules available.

For the full list of online learning courses available visit

Digital Engineering (Basics of BIM)
CIBSE Training has a growing portfolio of digital engineering courses for those involved with all stages of a project.

The Fundamentals of Digital Engineering (including BIM) course covers how to correctly implement Building Information Modelling (BIM) throughout each stage of a building project on this training course that will concentrate on the real-world application of digital technologies and workflows.

The Digital Engineering Series consists of nine online learning modules, and a total of 18 hours of CPD content, which once completed allow you to prove your competence in BIM and gain a Certificate in CIBSE Basics of BIM.

The nine modules in the series are:

  • DE1: Pre-qualification questionnaires
  • DE2: Employer’s information requirements
  • DE3: BIM execution plans
  • DE4: Common data environments
  • DE5: Asset information requirements
  • DE6: Security requirements
  • DE7: Organisation information requirements
  • DE8: Project information requirements
  • DE9: Soft landings

For more information, visit