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  • CIBSE Training

    CIBSE Training

    • 11 Jun 2018

    CIBSE Training offers a wide variety of building services courses from introductory to more advanced levels...

  • Energy Assessor Training

    Energy Assessor Training

    • 11 Jun 2019

    CIBSE provide training for those wanting to join the Low Carbon Consultants Register, to become a Low Carbon Energy Assessor to produce Energy Performance Certificates, Display Energy Performance Certificates or to become accredited air conditioning inspectors.

  • Meet some CIBSE Professionals

    Meet some CIBSE Professionals

    • 15 Aug 2017

    See these profiles of some recently qualified CIBSE members to find out how they got into building services and what their jobs involve with CIBSE Journal Jobs

  • Which CV template is right for you?

    • 29 Jun 2017

    There are so many CV templates available on the internet, it must be extremely confusing for the job seeker to know which one to go for.

  • CV writing service for building service engineers

    • 3 May 2017

    In the competitive jobs market for building service engineers, it is essential your CV stands out.

  • Becoming a Building Services Engineer

    Becoming a Building Services Engineer

    • 29 Mar 2017

    There are many reasons why becoming a building services engineer brings unrivalled job satisfaction. Explore what a career in building services has to offer.

  • Writing a compelling cover letter

    • 22 Nov 2016

    At CV Writers we conducted a study of HR professionals and recruiters and found opinions differed on the value placed on a cover letter.

  • How to write your CV: Step into the shoes of the reader

    • 5 Sep 2016

    While it is not generally recommended to share your shoes with other people, it certainly pays to put yourself in the boots of the reader when it comes to planning and writing your CV.

  • LinkedIn profile writing for building services engineers

    • 1 Aug 2016

    While Facebook may be the largest social media platform, with 430m users, LinkedIn is certainly the go-to site for the business community. It’s become a vital platform for job seekers looking for the next step up because it is a useful way to build contacts, gain market intelligence and look for jobs.

  • CV Writing Toolkit for building services professionals

    • 17 Feb 2016

    Improve your career? Ensure your application stands out from the crowd and create your own unique professional building services CV with CV Writing Toolkit

  • Cv Writers

    How white space can revolutionise your CV

    • 21 Dec 2015
    • Neville Rose

    It is always good to keep your CV as short as it can be; two pages is usually about the ideal length.

  • Why Join CIBSE?

    Why Join CIBSE?

    • 11 Jun 2015

    With over 19,000 members in 90 countries around the world, CIBSE members belong to a global network of professional support and expertise. Whether you are in the early stages of your career, are an established building services engineer, or are one of the many other professionals working to delivery excellence in the built environment, CIBSE is here for you.

  • CIBSE Online learning courses

    CIBSE Online learning courses

    • 11 Jun 2015

    Designed by a collaborative group of key building services consultancies and contractors, CIBSE Online Learning Modules offer a practical, flexible and convenient alternative to classroom courses.

  • Getting started in building services

    Getting Started

    • 11 Jun 2015

    To get started at craft or technician level in building services engineering you will need at least grade C in GCSE science, English and Maths.

  • Rewards in Building Services

    Rewards in Building Services

    • 11 Jun 2015

    Pay and conditions in the construction engineering professions are excellent. What can you expect to earn as a graduate or experienced Chartered Engineer?

  • Make a Difference in building services

    Make a Difference

    • 11 Jun 2015

    As a Building Services Engineer you will be involved at the cutting edge of new technology where intelligent buildings already use their own integrated control systems to adjust conditions inside to the most comfortable and economical levels.