Senior Electrical Design Engineer

West End, London
04 Oct 2019
04 Nov 2019
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Full Time

Most bosses are OK, but not great

Having a great manager makes a massive difference to your day to day happiness right? Think about it, they have so much power to impact your mood, your stress levels, your job satisfaction, so shouldn’t picking the right one be the single most important thing?

If your current boss is “fine” or “OK I guess” or “just normal”; or even, God forbid, if they’re a total … you know … then you can definitely upgrade.

One person doesn’t make a company. Your manager isn’t the only thing that can make a job enjoyable day-to-day, but it goes a long way, and a leader generally reflects the team in character, in this case definitely true.

He’s young, he’s enthusiastic and he loves coming to work. Most of all, he really cares about the people on his team – there’s a great story that illustrates that beautifully … I can’t publish it but if you call about this role remind me to tell you it.

Most importantly, he believes in career development for all engineers, supporting his staff to make them better engineers and set them up for a life in the industry. Give them the skills to leave, but treat them well so that they don’t want to.

His and the company’s approach to career development means guaranteeing you:

  • A range of project types, sizes, sectors etc, access to as many areas to learn skills as possible, both technical and people-facing
  • Continually challenging you by giving work that is just slightly out of your comfort zone
  • A commitment of time and effort given by all management to developing all engineers
  • But at the same time, giving them enough responsibility to develop themselves – not micromanaging
  • An enthusiastic team, who learn together and encourage each other in their learning

You don’t have to hate your current job to be open to options.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an up to date CV, it’s not necessary. Give John Sanger a call on 07814 619544 or email

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